Rick Watson

Sculptor . Welder

Rick is embracing his inner artist after careers in both the corporate and non-profit worlds. Pursuing a strong desire to sculpt metal, he spent a recent summer at the Rhode Island School of Design learning welding and metal fabrication. Additional time with other artists at Silvermine Art Center under advising metal sculptor Mark Andreas has helped Rick hone his skills and develop his style. Rick now focuses on sculpting with found metal objects and reclaimed tools, sometimes incorporating stone and kinetic features.


His life sized sculptures of birds enliven the garden while his flower and insect sculptures bring a garden feel indoors. Rick also sculpts for the spa and studio with his dancers, Buddhas and abstracts.


Rick is married with two grown daughters, both of whom are also artists. He enjoys cooking, painting and home and landscape design.  He and his wife live in Stamford, CT and visit  Vermont as often as they can.

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