Phoenix Furniture

Upcycle . Renovations . Custom

Someone else's junk is another person's treasure! Phoenix Furniture was born in the spring of 2017, starting with a personal project for a beloved mentor. After looking for a wooden chair to match one that already existed, and for weeks coming up empty handed, I decided it would be more personal to refinish a matching old chair... and so began Phoenix Furniture.


We love the idea of giving old furniture, new life! I had spent summers building decks, small buildings, and simple furniture for myself and friends. So after a year of brainstorming I started Phoenix Furniture, with a passion for bringing quality pieces back to life, and putting them into the hands of people who value a timeless heirloom.


We specialize in refinished,  repurposed, and custom pieces. We take great pride in each project, breathing new life into damaged, aged antiques.  


Have a family owned piece that has seen better days?  Looking for a vintage piece that will add that special something to your home or office, or a custom farm table with a rustic twist?


Remember that “remarkable things lie just beneath the ashes of life!”

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